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ABORM, Infertility, Reproduction, Acupuncture, IFV


ABORM, Infertility, Reproduction, Acupuncture, IFV

    ABORM Practitioner Discussion Group

    Discussion Forum: ABORM Practitioner Discussion Group on Google Groups
    A large part of the vision of the ABORM since it's inception has been to create a dynamic community of
    Board Certified specialists in Oriental Reproductive Medicine that could engage each other in research,
    case studies, discussion, collaboration, and support.

    In order to start this process, the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine has created a
    discussion forum on Google Groups. This will allow each of us to post ideas, clinical questions, suggestions, ideas for research, and anything else related to Oriental Reproductive Medicine to the ABORM Community
    as a whole for feedback and discussion. We hope you will join in the conversation. Our hope is that this
    Google Group/Discussion Forum will be a robust, dynamic, supportive and clinically relevant environment
    for our ABORM Fellows to interact.

    How to Participate in the ABORM Google Group/Discussion Forum
    ABORM Fellows will receive an automated email invitation to become a member of the ABORM Practitioner
    Discussion Group on Google Groups. To join the group, follow the instructions in the email.

    If you are a Fellow of the ABORM and did not receive an email invitation to the ABORM Practitioner
    Discussion Group on Google Groups, simply visit the group page (below) and submit a request to become
    a member. Because this is a private group, only group members can participate in the discussions, or view
    entries made by other members. If you wish to participate you will need to use a google account login.

    To sign up for this group:

    • Go to
    • Click "Sign in to Google Groups".
    • If you're a previous Google Groups or Gmail user, you can use your existing Google Account to log in
      to Google Groups. When prompted to login, sign in using your login ID (email address) and password
      for your Google account.
    • If you have a Google Account but have forgotten your password: click "I cannot access my
      account" on the google sign in page.
    • If you do not have a Google Account: click "Create an account now" and complete the Google
      Account registration form. To activate your new Google Account, follow the instructions in your
      email confirmation from Google. (Since we have a restricted group, you must complete
      Google's verification process before Google will allow you to participate in our Google Group).
    • Once signed in to the group, you may choose your preferred settings for receiving email
      notifications from this group, and participate in the group.
    • EMAIL ADDRESSES: Google Groups doesn't allow generic or administrative email addresses to be
      added into a group's membership list. Prefixes such as info@, and admin@ are examples of such addresses. You will need to sign up using an alternate email address.




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