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    Examination Registration

    • Download the ABORM Handbook and Application Form (pdf)
    • Please read the Handbook and fill out the Application completely.
    • Copy and attach all required documentation as indicated in the instructions
      including notarized Statement of Acknowledgement.
    • Add payment by check (payable to ABORM) or include credit card (MC/Visa) billing information.
    • Mail application and supporting documentation via USPS Certified or Registered Mail,
      Federal Express or UPS
      to this address:
        • A.B.O.R.M.
          910 Hampshire Road, Suite A
          Westlake Village, CA 91361

          Early Registration Deadline: Mail before December 15
          Application and Manual Fee: $115.00
          Registration Fee: $650.00

          Final Registration Deadline: Mail before February 15 (next year)
          Application and Manual Fee: $115.00
          Registration Fee: $850.00


      Fees: Both the Application/Manual Fee and the Registration Fee must be paid at the time of
      registration in order to be considered for approval to sit for the ABORM Examination.

      2 Year License: Applicants must have been licensed for two years prior to sitting for the ABORM Examination AND include documentation that verifies the date of issue of their license to practice
      with their application. Applicants may register for the ABORM Examination prior to the two-year
      minimum as long as their license will have been valid for 2 years prior to taking the Examination.

      All applicants must complete 45 hours of ABORM- Approved Continuing Education Units/Hours related to the field of Reproductive Medicine and Infertility prior to sitting for the ABORM Examination. Although the pre-requisite CEU hours must be completed before the Exam, candidates must submit proof-of-purchase, or completion certificates for all 45 CEU hours with their Exam Application in order for it to be processed. Additionally, all 45 hours of pre-requisite CEUís must have been taken within the two year period prior to the date of the Exam.

      See our list of ABORM-Approved CEU Courses that meet the Pre-Requisite Requirement.

      Course work includes ABORM Approved educational content in Reproductive Medicine, either
      western or eastern. The courses may be live, distance learning, or online.

      You may use the 16 categories of competency to guide the coursework you want to study.

      Naturopathic Doctors or Chiropractors who wish to sit for the ABORM exam must include proof
      of certification from the NCCAOM and proof of acupuncture licensure from their state, or proof of
      licensure from California State Board in Acupuncture, or a Canadian License from Alberta, Quebec,
      or British Columbia. The same two year licensure minimum prior to sitting for the examination must
      still be met.

      Non-Regulated Geographic Locations: Practitioners who are living in non-regulated geographic
      areas must complete the alternate forms (link below) to demonstrate equivalent standards of our
      licensure standards. Go to: Additional Form for Non-Regulated Areas


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